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FIRE PLACE AND WOOD BURNING STOVES  You can not have had a fire with in the last 8hrs prior to our testing. Fire Places and wood burning stoves will need to be swept, vacuumed and wiped out prior to our arrival. This includes the vent damper and fireplace. When we depressurize your home during the testing, our fan can suck out any ashes or debris that are sitting in your fireplace and leave them on your floor, furniture and carpets (not pretty). So please take the 10 minutes and clean them out extra well. While it is rare for this to happen, we are not responsible for any damages from the fireplace that may occur due to the depressurizing or testing process of the home. Also, please verify that your damper is operational and is shut. If it does not shut please let the rater know prior to the depressurization process.

UTILITY BILLS  We will need for you to prepare a list of what you paid for the last 12 months. It should be seperate lists for both Gas and Electric.  If you pay for firewood, heating oil, propane or other fuels those should also be figured prior to our arrival.

  We will need full access to the entire home inside and out. All rooms to include the Garage should be available, accessible and unlocked. We will also need access around the entire yard.

PETS Although we are animal lovers and have pets of our own, we would appreciate you kenneling your dogs if they have been known to bite in the past or are overly aggressive. Also, because we are walking around the yard and the perimeter of the home we would appreciate you picking up your pets little presents so we can avoid the land mine :)
We have also found that Cats love the crawl space and are very difficult to persuade them to come out so if you have cats please make arrangements for them as well.

CRAWL SPACES AND ATTIC ACCESSES  If you have a crawl space or attic in your home, we will need to access them to check your insulation. You will need to provide access to these areas. Please remove any objects or debris from above the crawl space prior to our arrival. For the attic, we will need to set our ladder up to be able to climb up and down, so if it is in a closet, you may want to remove some of the clothes so we can access through it. Also, it is very common that when the hatch to the attic is opened, small amounts of insulation may fall down. If you do leave objects or clothing up, please be sure to cover them to protect them (throw a sheet up or trash bags to cover the articles). If your Attic access is from the outside you will need to prepare that opening for us. We only carry a 12' ladder in our truck (which is usually all that we need). If the gable end vent needs to be removed please have that done prior to our arrival. If you are physically unable to do so please let us know a couple of days prior to your appointment so that we can bring the proper tools or rent the appropriate equipment needed to complete the job.

There are times when supplying us with a copy that we could keep of either the As-built survey or the construction plans for the home would be helpful. It is not necessary, but in larger or more complex homes these can help us to complete our Rating faster.

SHOULD YOU BE THERE?   It is not required for you to be there but is definitely recommended. During the final part of our Rating (the last hour) we perform an “Energy Walk Through" inspection of your home with you (Not all Raters do this and it is not required). Depending on the outdoor temperature we may be able to use Infrared services. This is where we use Thermal imaging to physically show you where your home is leaking air to the outside, missing insulation or where you have possible water damage that might be happening behind a wall or the ceiling. Also, during this time we will answer any questions that you may have and we will also explain our recommendation's to you and explain how you should attempt to fix them. This is not required but it is very beneficial to the home owner. If you can not be there, please arrange for our full access to the property.

PRICE, PAYMENT AND SECHEDULING  Our standard fee for the Initial rating will vary due to the complexity and size of the home.  Our typical fee for a standard Energy Rating is $425.00. AHFC will reimburse $325.00 upon you submitting your paperwork into them.  It is very rare that we have to add additional charges however if your home is unusually large or complicated, or if we need to do an extra blower door test other charges may apply.  We accept credit cards, personal or business checks or cash. Our normal scheduling hours are from 9-5 Monday through Friday. If you need to schedule an after hours or weekend visit we can accommodate you for an additional fee. For homes larger than 3500 square feet or that are quite complex there may be an additional charge due to the extra work involved. Certain travel fees may be added to homes outside of Anchorage

Please remember that this is a "First Come First Serve" program. If the funding for this program should run out there is no guarantee that it will be renewed. It is a very good idea to schedule your appointment ASAP.

We are eager to assist you with your Energy Rebate and look forward to working with you to help you achieve a higher “Energy Star” rating, increase your comfort and help reduce your utility cost. We thank you in advance for you business!

Please call or email us for scheduling or with any questions or concerns.

Thanks again,

Energy Smart Alaska