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I Got My Rating…  Now What?

You have 18 months from the time of the first rating to complete the rebate process! What to do?

Attend a class:

Read Your Energy Rating: A free 2 hour workshop on understanding your energy rating, the rebate program, and energy improvements provided by Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. Call 1-800-478-4636 or 330-8166.

Consumer Classes on Energy Efficient Improvements: A series of free courses on making home energy improvements: heating systems, insulation, air tightness, ventilation and more provided by the Alaska Craftsman Home Program (ACHP). Call ACHP at 258-2247.

Get info online:

Home Energy Rebate Consumer Guide: Everything you need to know about how the rebate program works and what you need to do.

Home Energy Rebate Program Videos: Watch these YouTube videos to help you understand the rebate program.

AHFC Research Information Center Library: Lots of energy information you can search, download or checkout through the mail.


Questions about your energy rating? Call your energy rater! And call to attend the classes listed above!

Questions about the rebate program? Call AHFC at 1-800-478-2432 or 338-6100 and ask for the Home Energy Rebate Program.

Questions about where to get energy information including classes, books, videos, factsheets and other resources? Call the AHFC Research Information Center at 1-800-478-4636 or 330-8166.


Call for an appointment at the AHFC Research Information Center at 1-800-478-4636 or 330-8166 to use the library located at 4300 Boniface Parkway in Anchorage.