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Alaska Building Energy Efficiency Standard

The Alaska Building Energy Efficiency Standard (BEES) was established by the State of Alaska to promote the construction of energy-efficient buildings. It sets standards for thermal resistance, air leakage, moisture protection, and ventilation as they relate to efficient use of energy in buildings.

All new residential homes and community-owned buildings which began construction on or after January 1, 1992 must comply with BEES if AHFC or other State financial assistance of any kind is to be used in its construction or the purchase of a loan. Therefore, homes constructed after 1992 must comply with the Alaska BEES that was in effect at the time the home was constructed in order to qualify for AHFC financing.


Thermal compliance with BEES may be met using a prescriptive method, but is most often shown by using the Energy Rating Method (performed by a certified AKWarmTM energy rater using AkWarmTM computer software, which requires an energy rating of 4 Star Plus or higher. An Energy Efficiency Interest Rate Reduction (EEIRR) is available for homes with an energy rating of 5 Star and 5 Star Plus.

BEES also has indoor air ventilation requirements which are met with mechanical ventilation systems such as properly sized & installed continuous duty exhaust fans or heat recovery ventilators or other designs.

BEES Compliance can only be certified by those who meet the BEES Compliance Certification requirements.

Documentation of compliance is shown by a fully executed and recorded AHFC Form PUR-101 in the loan package or a Certificate of Occupancy from an approved municipality whose building code has been determined to meet or exceed the BEES. In addition, a completed PUR-102 or Certificate of Occupancy from an approved municipality is required for AHFC financing.