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 6 Star Homes may receive a $10,000.00 rebate and 5 Star Plus homes $7,000.00

Must Be Purchased on or after April 5, 2008.

•Not more than 1 year old at time of sale.•For original owner.

•Must meet all AHFC property financing requirements & have at least a 5 Star Plus energy rating. (An AHFC loan is NOT required.)

•Individuals participating in the New Construction Rebate may not participate in the Home Energy Rebate program for existing homes or the Weatherization Program.

•Other requirements also apply.

For complete details on this program, the Home Energy Rebate Program, the Weatherization Program, the Second Mortgage for Energy Conservation Loan and other programs click here or call AHFC at 1-800-478-2432 or 1-907-338-6100.

AHFC provides a $7500 rebate for new 5 Star Plus homes.Requirements: