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*There is no income cap or income requirement for the program

1) If you have already taken part of the Alaska Energy Rebate program then you will need to call 1-877-AKREBAT1-877-AKREBAT to discuss whether or not you are eligible.

2) If you do not live in this home as your primary residence, you may not qualify and should call 1-877-AKREBAT1-877-AKREBAT prior to having your rating done to discuss your eligibility for the program.

3) If you use your home for business or claim on your taxes more than 25% of your home for business use, you should contact 1-877-AKREBAT1-877-AKREBAT to discuss your eligibility.

4) If you have already taken advantage of the “Weatherization” program through the Municipality of Anchorage you should call 1-877-AKREBAT1-877-AKREBAT to discuss your eligibility.

5) If you are undergoing a major remodel (Interior walls or Ceilings are being opened please address this with us prior to scheduling so we can determine whether or not we should wait to perform your rating. Lots of variables come into play when remodeling and could change the results of your test to work against you which could possibly short the amount of your rebate.

Energy Smart Alaska will assume no responsibility and will not verify your eligibility to the program. Our primary focus is Rating the home as accurately as possible. We are hired by you (the Home Owner) to rate your home. It is your duty as the Home Owner to verify that you are eligible for the program. Energy Smart will not issue refunds of fees or any money you may have spent on repairs due to these issues. Please visit or call 1-877-AKREBAT1-877-AKREBAT FREE if you have concerns and familiarize yourself with the rules of the program.