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Energy Efficiency Rate Reduction

To promote the energy efficiency of existing and newly constructed homes, AHFC offers interest rate reductions to homebuyers for properties meeting certain criteria.

How the Energy Efficiency Rate Reduction Works

AHFC offers interest rate reductions when financing new or existing energy efficient homes or when borrowers purchase and make energy improvements to an existing home. Any property that can be energy rated and is otherwise eligible for AHFC financing may qualify for this program.

Interest rate reductions apply to the first $200,000 of the loan amount. A loan amount exceeding $200,000 receives a blended interest rate rounded up to the next 0.125 percent. The percentage rate reduction depends on whether or not the property has access to natural gas.


One of the following rate reductions may apply on newly constructed properties that exceed the minimum Alaska Building Energy Efficiency Standard (BEES). All homes constructed on or after July 1, 2013, must meet BEES 2012.

You may qualify for a rebate under the Home Energy Rebate Program.